Calendars are special TrackinT objects. At the moment they can be used to limit geofence and notification to a particular time or schedule.

Creating ics file

TrackinT calendar is a wrapper for a standard ics file. You can create such file in most calendar or email applications. In the following example we will use Mozilla Thunderbird. (Microsoft Outlook can be used easily)

Create a new calendar and create a new event: (then go file “save as” save it for example to your desktop)

Set recurrence information (for example, every day from 7:00 to 23:00):

Export created calendar to iCalendar(*.ics) file format.

Open the event and go to “File > Save As > and then save the .ics file to your desktop)

Adding calendar to TrackinT

Open “Calendars” in the settings menu:

Add new calendar and select local ics file to upload: (browse for the file you just saved on your desktop)


Edit a geofence object and select new calendar:

Now for this geofence enter/exit events will only be generated during calendar event times. In our example daily from 7:00 to 23:00.

Or edit a notification object and select new calendar:


You can add to ics calendar any combination of Events, not necessarily recurring.

Geofence or Notification will work only if there is any Event in the calendar at the moment of checking.