Login (web Server): www.TrackingInTime.cloud    or    https://TrackingInTime.cloud 

Server: (IP Address)

Manager App

T630 GPS

T630 GPS

  1. *master*123456*+27821234123*  (enter your cell number in international)
  2. *multiquery*  (allows all cell number to query with sms etc not just the master)
  3. *locateaddress* (check the sim card and GPS are working)
  4. *about*  (Serial number, software version etc)
  5. *status*    (settings, interval upload, battery etc)
  6. Should not have to put in an APN but if you need to:
  7. *apn*apnname*username*password*
  8. Afrihost:  *apn*afrihost*      (no username & password)
  9. Vodacom:  *apn*internet*guest*    (no password)
  10. MTN: *apn*internet*guest*  (no password)
  11. Cellc:  *apn*internet*   (no username & password)
  12. Telkom:  *apn*internet*guest*guest*
  13. Point the GPS to the Trackint Server:  *setip*197*242*150*95*5002*
  14. SMS  imei to get the imei number (no * stars on either side)
  15. SMS 0001 to see the settings (no * stars on either side)
  16. Set the GPS checking and upload times:
  17. *checkm*5*   (In minutes how often it checks the GPS) i.e. GPS will upload to the server every minute.
  18. *checkgsm*3* (In minutes how often it check the cell towers – GSM / LBS)  i.e. GPS will upload to the server every minute.
  19. Add the device using the app or cloud server login.
    1. Remember to check you have the correct length of “Device Identifier” (see below for further details)

The above settings use a lot of battery with the above setting but great for testing and accuracy. One can then increase the above times to save on battery.

FAQ: My GPS shows as being in the sea.


  • The GPS takes up to 5 minutes to triangulate of the satellites. In the meantime the GPS has booted and has no satellite triangulation yet, so defaults to the sea. Set your ” checkm*5* ” to a bit longer. Maybe “checkm*7*. You can set you GSM triangulation off the mobile / cell towers lower to ” Checkgsm*1* “. (Remember the more it checks the more battery it uses. Satellite checkm uses far more battery than GSM – checkgsm, but if you are in a rural area and there is not 3 towers to triangulate off, location will become more inaccurate.)
  • ” checkm*5* ” – can be set as ” checkm*999* ” so that it does not use satellite GPS.
  • If you are indoors and the GPS cannot get satellite or GSM triangulation then it will default to the see. Also if indoors like a steel warehouse and no mobile / cell tower data reception the GPS will show as offline for a long period until going outside.

Other Commands

  1. *poweroff* to turn it off
  2. Turn LED light flashing on: 1 short and 1 long press of the power button.
  3. Turn LED light flashing off: 3 short and 1 long press of the power button. Turns the light off, but not the GPS off.
  4. *soson* or *sosoff*
  5. *sleep*1-99* wake up and send location every 1-99 hours.
  6. *sleepv* sleeps and wakes up on motion / movement.
  7. *sleepoff*
  8. *routetrack*99* (99 is always on, 1-98 is upload in hours, i.e. *routetrack*1* is 6 GPS points uploaded every minute for 1 hour)  and *trackoff*

Rules: Ensure when setting up the GPS for the first time you have:

  1. Sim card inserted correctly
  2. SMS’s available
  3. Data available
  4. Excellent cell/mobile signal for that sim card service provider
    1. You should receive and instant reply for command every SMS sent to the GPS
  5. Excellent GPS signal
    1. Not inside an office with barely any windows
    2. Not inside an office under concrete floor
    3. Not inside an office in a valley
    4. Not inside a steel warehouse
  6. Ensure you use the correct identifier / IMEA length number for  the correct GPS
  7. Ensure follow the setup steps
  8. Ensure you enable the upload times
    1. Very short for initial setup and testing i.e. every 1 minute
    2. MUP (Mobile Upload Time), SUP (Standing Upload Time), CheckGSM, CheckM

Adding a Device – “Device Identifier”

  • On the “Tracking in Time” app or cloud system.
  • When adding a device use the last 11 digits of the IMEA number and add a 0 (zero to the left)  – T6 wired unit.
  • 5in1 Unit uses the full IMEA number.
  • OBD plug in units of use the last 10 digits of the IMEA number.
  • Generally the serial number on a GPS will be one of the above numbers you should use.